I arrived in Skopje after a 6 hour bus from Sofia and made my way to Unity Hostel where I would spend the next two weeks. It was immediately evident as I walked through the city that what I’d read about Macedonia’s capital was true: the government has been spending a ridiculous amount of money to “beautify” certain aspects of the city, while leaving other parts in poverty. The first bridge I saw was very impressive, but then I saw the next one, and the next, and it became immediately evident that these were not really part of the city, that they had been built to put on a show. A show that many of the city’s inhabitants greatly disagree with. Continue reading



My first stop in Bulgaria was Varna. Varna is a beachside town on the Black Sea which is well known for its nightlife. I, however, was staying in a small hostel in an outer suburb, half an hour from the centre by bus. It was so quiet and peaceful and the beach was not at all crowded. Having said that, the beach also wasn’t great, but the water was a wonderful temperature, absolutely perfect. A bit too much seaweed for my liking though. Continue reading



Barcelona is a place I’ve been several times but I also feel like I’ve never really seen much of it. When I’ve been in the past it was usually to visit family friends, not so much to go sight seeing. This time my trip to Barcelona was very different in several ways. Instead of staying with the friends I normally do, I was simply staying at their flat alone because they were out of town. This doesn’t mean I was devoid of friends, however, because I met up with my old partner in crime Ramya, over a year since we last saw each other, and her friend Amanda. They’d planned an itinerary for their few days in Barcelona, so suddenly I had one too! Continue reading