Marrakech – First Impressions and Survival in Morocco

Almost everyone I talked to before coming to Morocco reacted in the same way: “Morocco? And you’re going alone? Like by yourself? You’re not meeting anyone there? Be very careful!!” Just the looks on their faces was enough. They thought I was crazy. They thought I was going to get harassed non-stop and continuously groped while walking down the street. They thought I was going to have a terribly stressful time and have all my money scammed away from me. Some probably thought I would get into even worse trouble, imaginations ran wild. To be honest, it got to me a little, and my confidence was stretching thin by the time I arrived.  

By the time I had been in Marrakech for two hours I knew one thing for certain: all of these people who thought Morocco was this stressful and dangerous place had NO IDEA what they were talking about.
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