Córdoba – Culture Cocktail and Game of Thrones 

The Blablacar that we got from Seville to Córdoba dropped us right outside our Airbnb and before long we were marvelling at Kike’s apartment. All the walls were artistically covered in photos, quotes, and music or Star Wars related memorabilia. The bathroom looked like something straight out of a home renovations show – the high-tech shower had a pebbled floor and there was a basket of colour-coded hand towels next to the sink. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, we then found out that he’d auditioned for Spanish Masterchef two years in a row and both times got through to the 4th of 5 qualifying rounds. On our last night there he cooked us dinner. My first time using Airbnb was definitely a positive experience. Continue reading


Marrakech – First Impressions and Survival in Morocco

Almost everyone I talked to before coming to Morocco reacted in the same way: “Morocco? And you’re going alone? Like by yourself? You’re not meeting anyone there? Be very careful!!” Just the looks on their faces was enough. They thought I was crazy. They thought I was going to get harassed non-stop and continuously groped while walking down the street. They thought I was going to have a terribly stressful time and have all my money scammed away from me. Some probably thought I would get into even worse trouble, imaginations ran wild. To be honest, it got to me a little, and my confidence was stretching thin by the time I arrived.  

By the time I had been in Marrakech for two hours I knew one thing for certain: all of these people who thought Morocco was this stressful and dangerous place had NO IDEA what they were talking about.
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