Beijing: A Lesson in Flexibility

My time in Beijing really began with my departure from Melbourne. No shit Sherlock, hey? But seriously, what a hectic experience.  

Departing Melbourne

My flight was supposed to leave Melbourne at 9.40pm on Saturday. On Thursday night I received an email saying my flight had been cancelled and I would most likely have to be on the one leaving 24 hours later. Fine. After a few emails I went to bed, confident it would all be sorted out for me. The next day I didn’t have confirmation yet, and I spent a very long time making phone calls and harassing people to organise things for me. When I wasn’t on the phone I was packing my suitcase, partly because I just like being organised, and I think partly because a piece of me knew there was a possibility the day would turn out the way it eventually did.
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The Mountain Goat Is My Spirit Animal

After focusing on freedom and flexibility in my last post, I figured I should expand upon that and discuss why I chose “Mountain Goat Travels” as the title for my blog.

First of all, check out these crazy animals:

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Contiki vs Solo Travel – Two Extremes

I’m currently in the process of packing up my life before venturing out to travel the world solo, and no joke, some people look at me with evident horror when I answer “no” to their question of “are you going with anyone else?” They even follow it up with: “and you’re ok with that?” Well duh… That’s why I’m doing it. I’m not just ok with it, it’s my preference. Continue reading

Preparing for the trip of a lifetime

Yesterday, riding the 9km to work on my borrowed (read: mildly stolen but will return – thanks Chris) bicycle, not having ridden a bike for 8 years, squinting the whole way against bugs and dirt and the Melbourne wind (who knew you needed to wear glasses to ride a bike?), and being overtaken by a grandpa who glanced at my sweaty, anxious face with sympathy, I couldn’t help laughing at what I was doing. I also had to reprimand myself for not getting into action and starting this blog sooner. Because my life is too bizarre right now to not write about it. Continue reading