Of all the places I’m visiting during my three months in Eastern Europe, Kraków is the only one I’ve been to previously. I stayed in Kraków for two nights during my Contiki tour almost exactly three years before. I loved Kraków so much during my first visit that it was one of the reasons I was drawn back to discover more of this area of the world. Continue reading


Wrocław – The City of Dwarves

The overnight bus from Gdansk was less than ideal in terms of comfort for sleep, but it was both transport and accommodation for the price of one. I arrived in Wrocław (pronounced vrotswav, believe it or not) at 8am and headed straight to my hostel. I couldn’t check in until 2pm so I left to meet another walking tour at 10am. Continue reading


Warsaw – Arriving in the East

Ahh Warszawa. Poland was like a breath of fresh air after being in hot and humid Spain and Morocco for so long. I got off the plane and finally I didn’t feel gross any more. I also began my time in Poland with making a new friend straight away, Iurii from Ukraine, before even leaving the airport. We had dinner together before I went to my hostel and it rained while we were eating. Half the sky was bright and sunny, the other half dark and raining, the pizza was delicious, the company was great, it all made me so happy! Continue reading